Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Warm Almond and Bean Salad

As much as I love a good salad, I can also get disgustingly sick of them. I once had grilled romaine at a restaurant and thought it was fantastic, so this idea came into my mind and it's very tasty.

You'll need...
One head of Romaine Lettuce
16oz can of drained Light Red Kidney Beans
1/2cup of Slivered Almonds
Buttermilk Spice

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees.
Chop the Romaine Lettuce and place in a rectangular baking dish.
Sprinkle with Penzey's Buttermilk Spice.
Once the lettuce starts to brown slightly add the Almonds and Light Kidney Beans.
Sprinkle with Oregano.
Cook in oven for 4-6 minutes longer or until the kidney beans start to split.

Serve Warm. Yum!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Cool Summer 'Pasta' Meal

I found a pasta made from soy beans. There is no enriched white flour and there isn't even any whole wheat flour, all soy beans, organic, and gluten free. It's made by Nutrition Kitchen and I've found it at Whole Foods and Giant Supermarket.

What you need:
One box of Whole Soybean Pasta
One 9oz bag of Baby Spinach
One medium sized cucumber, diced
Five Vine Ripe Tomatoes, diced
Feta Cheese
Olive Oil to taste
Oregano to taste
Penzey's Buttermilk Spice to taste

Cook one box of Whole Soybean Pasta

Once the Soybean Pasta is cooked, drain and set aside for a few minutes to cool.

In a large salad/mixing bowl place a layer of

Soybean Pasta

Sprinkle with Olive Oil, Oregano, and Buttermilk Spice

Add one more layer of

Soybean Pasta

Again, sprinkle with Olive Oil, Oregano, and Buttermilk Spice

Toss and serve. Add feta cheese to the top of each dish. Can be served warmed and cold.


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